16 Hong Kong artists @ Blindspot Gallery


Lon Hin Lai
Me on the Rooftop Scenery 4, 2008-2009



Samuel Adam Swope
Vacuum Space 3, 2016



Chloe Cheuk
Since we last met , 2015

Blindspot Gallery is delighted to present “→”, a 3-week experimental exhibition convened by artists Trevor Yeung and South Ho Siu Nam. The exhibition displays a variety of media by 16 emerging Hong Kong artists. “→” indicates movement, direction and change. It is an open platform where artists are invited to participate by each selecting a work or a series that most represents recent developments in their own practices. Approaching the end of the year, “→” provides a collective opportunity for artists to think about their own states of practice, and to offer audiences intimation about their future movements.

Being Hong Kong locals, some artists transform into works of art their own existence in the urban cityscape. Chan Wai Kwong exposes the raw anarchic desires that penetrate the surface of the city, while Lai Lon Hin conducts black-and-white visual studies of perfectly ordinary spaces, stripping places of their superfluity to reveal the underlying logic of planes and lines. Chloe Cheuk constructs allegories of relationality through the interiority of ready-mades, while Andrew Luk fabricates entropic installations that draw inspiration from the mischief of found objects. Painter Vivian Ho uses magical realism to reimagine local subjects on the streets, while Stephanie Sin paints still lives of architectural appendages with layers of vivid colours. Cheng Ting Ting creates whimsical drawings to meditate on the delights of daily life.

While others express the exteriority of the surrounding world, some turn inwards to personal memories and subjective perceptions. Oscar Chan Yik Long creates fantastical drawings that explore the fluid edge between human psyches and corporeal forms. Sarah Lai captures a particular stillness in images imbued with material memories. Lau Wai displays the historicity and generational memories of image making by cropping and enlarging photos chosen from decades of family albums. Leung Wing Yee literally creates a punctum on her skin to visualize the pain and absurdity of being.

For some, the state of art creation exists conceptually in exploring materiality through abstraction. Sim Chan is a purist who experiments with the mixing of colours and illumination through lightboxes. Kong Chun Hei mimics different material textures with nuanced strokes and installs them in unexpected places. Bosco Law uses a delicate ink-point technique to elaborate metamorphosing forms on paper. Ling Pui Sze creates expansive dream-like tableaux through an innovative monochromatic printing. Samuel Swope explores the parallel existence of things across the analog and the digital.

Part of the proceeds will benefit non-profit art space 100ft. PARK to support programming that focuses on Hong Kong young artists.


Press release: Blindspot Gallery

Initiators: South Ho Siu Nam, Trevor Yeung

Featured artists:

Oscar Chan Yik Long, Sim Chan, Chan Wai Kwong, Cheng Ting Ting, Chloe Cheuk, Vivian Ho, Kong Chun Hei, Lai Lon Hin, Sarah Lai, Lau Wai, Bosco Law, Leung Wing Yee, Ling Pui Sze, Andrew Luk, Stephanie Sin, Samuel Adam Swope


3rd – 24th Dec  2016
15/F, Po Chai Industrial Building,
28 Wong Chuk Hang Road,
Wong Chuk Hang,
Hong Kong


Wai Kwong Chan
Untitled 03, 2014-2016

Author: Our.momentum

Simplicity. Ordinary. Art. Design. Photography

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