Cheap “Leica”

So, have just been over a week since the shocking cheap Leica, probably the cheapest Leica camera ever produced came out, the Leica Sofort instant camera. It utilizes a Automatik-Hektor 60mm f/12.7 lens which equivalent to 34mm in full-frame terms.

leica-sofort-instant-camera-2Is it more of a cheap Leica or is it just an over-priced instant camera? The quality of the images are probably going to be better than what other brands can produce, since its Leica! But how much does the quality really worth in instant film photography? When do we ever hear after taking an instant photo, “Oh, wish this could be sharper”?

Do have to say though, the design of the look is near perfection which we absolutely love.


Selling in all Leica official stores & here are some other options in London & Hong Kong:


Hong Kong


Check out Sim City @ Mongkok too



Author: Our.momentum

Simplicity. Ordinary. Art. Design. Photography

3 thoughts

  1. Ahem…. the lens is no better than that of the Fuji Instax Mini 90 Neo Classic of which the Leica Sofort is a direct clone! Ans I find the design of the Fuji more accomplished.

    Not that I am a Leica hater – love their cameras and lenses in fact, but this is just another case of rebadging and overpricing third party cameras of which Leica has a long standing tradition (Minolta, Panasonic… and now Fuji).

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